Together, Finding a Cure for Brain Cancer is Possible

Thanks to the Generosity of Our Corporate partners, 100% of Your Donation Goes to Brain Cancer Research and Treatment.

Interim Executive Director of Heart of the Brain, Colette Weintraub (right), presents a $400,000 donation to Dr. Linda Liau and Dr. Tim Cloughesy, co-directors of the UCLA Brain Tumor Center. Thank you for your donations and continued support of Heart of the Brain, as well as to those who participated in our annual fundraising gala this year. Every dollar helps get us closer to finding a cure for brain cancer!


Grey Matters

1 ,000
Nearly ¼ million people are living with a malignant brain tumor.
1 ,000
Another 26,000+ will be diagnosed this year.
# 1
Brain tumors are the 2nd most common cancer among children 14 and under.
1 %
The current 5-year survival rate is 35%.

American Brain Tumor Association

Heart of the Brain’s 5-Year Goal

Heart of The Brain’s corporate sponsors generously cover our operating costs. This means 100% of your personal donations support the life-changing research happening at the Brain Tumor Center at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), to treat and find a cure for brain cancer.

Under the co-direction of Dr. Linda Liau and Dr. Timothy Cloughesy, the UCLA Brain Tumor Center is part of a prestigious network of scientists, researchers and physicians whom share the same goal: Delivering the best available treatments, while also working towards a cure. In 2017, UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and the UCLA Brain Tumor Center were designated a Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) by the National Cancer Institute, making it one of only six brain cancer programs in the nation to receive this recognition.

The SPORE grant provides $11.4 million over a 5-year period. HOTB’s goal is to match it (or come close) by donating at least $10 million by June 20, 2024.

We are a young and emerging non-profit foundation with a big heart and an even bigger goal. It is our privilege to take the opportunity to reach out to you to become a friend of brain cancer patients throughout the world.

Together we can make a difference and help support the doctors who work hard on behalf of patients to find a cure. Every dollar brings us one step closer and we are very grateful for the help of each and every one of you!

Target Goal

$5 Million

Funds Raised to Date

Funds Raised to Date
Target Goal of $5,000,000

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Make a Difference

Fundraising Events

Each year, among other efforts, HOTB holds a fundraising gala under the stars on the beautiful University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) campus to raise money to support the life-changing, world-class research happening at UCLA’s Brain Tumor Center at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), led by internationally recognized doctors Linda Liau and Timothy Cloughesy

HOTB Ambassadors

HOTB fundraises to support the work of world-class medical researchers and doctors, dedicated to understanding the causes and prevention of brain cancer; developing earlier detection techniques; and discovering new and improved treatments … but it takes a village! Meet some of our inspiring HOTB Ambassadors – many who are battling brain cancer themselves or supporting a loved one who does – working to raise funds and awareness on behalf of our cause.

Heart of The Brain Fundraisers

With a mission to find a cure for brain cancer … Heart of the Brain (HOTB) fundraises to support the work of world-class medical researchers and doctors, dedicated to understanding the causes and prevention of brain cancer; developing earlier detection techniques; and discovering new and improved treatments. Focused on solutions and progress, not limitations, HOTB — which supports the life-changing research happening at the Brain Tumor Center at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), led by doctors Linda Liau and Timothy Cloughesy — envisions a cure for all forms of brain cancer in our lifetime. You can help!


Help Find a Cure

Share Your Story

Have You, a Family Member, Friend or Colleague Had a Personal Experience With Brain Cancer?

Sharing your story inspires and gives hope to others facing similar challenges
and raises awareness about our efforts to find a cure. Write to us.
We will contact you prior to sharing your story.

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  • I have cancer. It’s in my brain. What are you gonna do about it?

    Valerie Harper Actress
  • The brain is the most complex, challenging scientific puzzles we have ever tried to decode ... [but] when smart people work together with vision and determination, there is little we can’t accomplish.

    Paul Allen Co-Founder, Microsoft; Philanthropist; Founder, Allen Institute for Brain Science
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